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Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes Now Available on Amazon!



Erica Buteau’s Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes Now Available

Northern New Hampshire resident, Erica Buteau has announced the release of her first book, Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Berlin, NH – October 23, 2012 – Erica Buteau of Berlin, NH, recently announced the launch of her book, Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes. The recipe collection features fast recipes and traditional New England fare along with stories about how each recipe fits into the Author’s life. The collection features recipes that are fast, frugal, kid-friendly and delicious using easy-to-find ingredients, most of which you probably already have on hand!

Erica nonchalantly walks you through her favorite recipes. Along the way, you will build a connection to both Erica’s childhood and that of her children as she relates each recipe to its origin and how she uses them today. From 14 Cent Cake to Whoopie Pies with everything in between including New England Boiled Dinner, Mexican Stuffed Shells, Lobster Rolls and even homemade Glow-in-the-dark Slime, you are sure to find a lot of recipes to try!

The book is currently available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions. The retail price is $19.99 for print and $9.99 on Kindle. It is also available in the Kindle Lending Library. The book will be available for wholesale pricing and across multiple retail sites in early November. Erica plans to expand distribution to local businesses interested in carrying the book and is available for book signings.

About Erica Buteau

Erica is happily married to her husband, Rick and the blessed Mom of a 13 year old son, Troy, an 11 year old daughter, Kendra and Rick’s 6 year old son, Connor. Erica was raised in Milan, NH, attended Berlin High School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Granite State College. She currently resides with her family in Berlin. When she’s not cooking or creating new recipes, Erica teaches at the White Mountains Community College in Berlin and also does freelance writing, blogging and is a social media measurement enthusiast.

For more information about Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes, please visit or contact Erica Buteau via email at You can also subscribe to Erica’s blog feeds at and or follow her on or



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Honey Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry


I originally bought some Lemon and Savory Herb Philadelphia Cooking Cream on clearance at Walmart. However, when I checked the date it was expired so I needed to improvise. Here’s tonight’s quick, easy and tasty recipe!

-1Tbs Olive Oil
-1 lb Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast cut into same-sized pieces (1″ is good)
-3 Garlic Cloves, minced fine
-Two 16oz Bags Frozen Stir Fry Vegetables
-1/2C Kikoman Teriyaki Marinade/Sauce
-1/4C Honey
-2tsp Soy Sauce
-1tsp Ground Ginger
-2Tbs Corn Starch whisked in 1/4C cold water
-Hot Cooked Rice (some of the kids ate theirs in a tortilla wrap instead)

Heat oil in skillet. Add chicken and cook over medium-high heat for about five minutes. Add frozen vegetables and continue cooking an additional five-ten minutes. Add honey, spices, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. Mix well. Sauté an additional five minutes. Gradually whisk in cornstarch and water mixture. Continue cooking until sauce thickens. You can also add a can of pineapple chunks and about 1/4c brown sugar before adding the cornstarch. Serve over rice.

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Pepperoni Rolls Were a Hit!

20121008-173411.jpg Easy dinner tonight! These pepperoni rolls are great as an appetizer or as a meal with a side salad. You could even eat them in place of garlic bread with a pasta meal if you leave out the pepperoni.

I used three loaves of frozen bread dough. I placed them on a cookie sheet and covered them loosely with plastic wrap sprayed with cooking spray. I let the loaves thaw for about 3 hours. They do not need to rise. Once thawed, I rolled each loaf into an approximately 11×11 square. Then I brushed on olive oil and added a layer of pepperoni. Then I covered with a layer of shredded Colby and Monterey Jack cheese followed by a layer of mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. You can use as much or as little cheese as you like and really whatever kind you like best. Next, I sprinkled on some garlic powder and Italian seasoning.

20121008-174116.jpg Finally, roll the dough up like a jelly roll. Place on a cookie sheet seam side down. Brush with melted butter,sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake at 375 for about 25 minutes. Slice into individual rolls and serve with pizza, marinara or spaghetti sauce for dipping.


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Chili in Bread Bowls and Pumpkin Brownies


Mr. Buteau had the urge to cook today so he made his famous chili. I don’t have a recipe for you but I can tell you it had steak, tomatoes, beans and Italian sausage in it. Good stuff! We served it in bread bowls that I ordered from a Food Supply company and had in the freezer for shortcuts!

They were about a Dollar a piece. Completely yummy!! Cut off the top, hollow out the bowl, fill with chili, shredded cheddar cheese and….



For dessert, my 11 year old daughter whipped up a batch of brownies that I’d seen the recipe for. Just mix together a box of brownie mix and a can of pumpkin.


A lot less fat without eggs and oil! Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes and enjoy!



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Instant Homemade Mac n Cheese


QUIT buying easy mac, people! Instant Mug o’ Mac & Cheese in the Microwave: 1/3 cup pasta, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup 1% milk, 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese- for 2 min, stir and heat for 2-4 more min. stopping to stir. plus none of that junk they add in there either!