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Free Sample Nescafé Memento


Free sample of Nescafé Memento. Yum!


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Raise Money for Your Group, Cause or Team #fundraising

ButeauFull Chaos

Do you need to raise money for your group, team, organization or a special someone going through a tough time? Cancer patients, fire victims, disabled persons in need of equipment not covered by insurance, families whom have lost a sole provider, other victims of tragedy for which no reimbursement is available…

If you need to raise money but aren’t a non-profit group, traditional fundraisers may not be available to you. I’ve seen this in my own family a few times, for my niece who was born disabled and her parents in desperate need of a handicap-accessible van, for my mom who had to make 30 round trips for Radiation therapy 60 miles away while she fought breast cancer and for my own family when we lost everything in a house fire and were extremely underinsured. I would like to help!!

I’m offering Fundraising kits for anyone that has a real…

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Free $25 from American Express Prepaid Card

Free $25 from American Express Prepaid Card.

via Free $25 from American Express Prepaid Card.



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ButeauFull Chaos


After almost 12 years of troubles with my, well, lady parts, I’m proud to say that I’m on a new path to recovery! On Tuesday morning, 11/27/12, I arrived at the Androscoggin Valley Hospital at 6:30 am. An hour later I was oblivious and I finally woke up in my hospital room at around 3pm that afternoon. I had been semi-conscious a few times throughout the day but was in a lot of pain and very drowsy and don’t remember much. I experienced a fever and had some minor complications with my lungs from being on the ventilator during surgery. But, I did pretty well according to my doctor and the assisting doctor whom I’d never met prior to surgery.

One of the things that I found most ironic was that when I woke up, I was in a rather familiar place, the room where I delivered my daughter almost…

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New Dove® Body Wash nourishes your skin with our gentlest cleansers ever. Which one is a perfect match for your personality? Take our quick quiz to find the right one for you, and enter for the chance to win* a specially formu- lated body wash from Dove®. We’ll also show you how to get inspired holiday hair from Mark Townsend. Finally, check out this month’s special offer for Dove® Insiders!


New Dove® Body Wash nourishes your skin with Dove’s gentlest cleansers ever. Which one is a perfect match for your personality? Take a quick quiz to find the right one for you, and
enter for the chance to win* a specially formulated body wash from Dove®. You will also be able to print a coupon for $1 off! Click here.

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#Black Friday…Yay or Nay?

Are you standing in line first thing the Friday morning after Thanksgiving? Or Thanksgiving night? I’m not. I just don’t buy into all of the hype and feel like those jokes running around Facebook about being thankful on Thursday and greedy on Friday really hold some truth.

I can’t stand to read stories about people being trampled in stores and even gun fights. To me, even as a frugal Mom, no sale is worth any of that. And, I prefer to teach my children that the season’s hottest toy is either within reach or not. I’m not going to fight for something that really, in the greater scheme of things, has no value. Luckily, they understand.

I do often take advantage of a couple of other promotions around this time of year like “Small Business Saturday” where local business are patronized rather than the big box stores. I truly believe that these local stores, especially in smaller communities, really support the structure of our downtowns and put dollars back into the community. Plus, some of these small stores have the neatest gifts that really jump out at you with someone’s name on them. Much more fun than shopping isle after isle of household goods trying to find something for that hard to buy for person in your life.

Of course, I’m not a total prude. There certainly are things that my kids ask for that can’t be bought in these local shops, especially electronics and video games and the like. For those items, I’m a huge fan of Cyber Monday. Great deals online and no crowds. That’s my kind of shopping!

Whatever avenue you chose to shop, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe weekend! Please do be grateful for what you have and foster the spirit of giving and caring. You don’t need a single cent to check in on someone, smile at your neighbor and wish someone a happy Holiday!


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Free Amazon Prime and UPS MyChoice #holidayshopping


If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon or are a Kindle or Roku owner you will not want to miss this One-Month Free Amazon Prime Membership. I’ve had it for a couple of years and it really does pay for itself, over and over. You get FREE two day shipping, instant access to tons of Amazon Prime streaming movies and one free Kindle book per month. Overnight shipping for Prime members I just $3.99 and you can get the Kindle version of my book, Moms at Home: A Collection of Recipes for free!

When you sign up, you’ll enter your credit card info but you can go into your prime account settings and choose not to upgrade. You will still receive the benefits for the remainder of your one-month trial and the membership will automatically terminate without charging your card! If you choose to stay with Prime you can pay the $7.99 per month membership fee or pay for a year in advance at a discounted rate of $79.


I recently signed up for UPS MyChoice for free! I’ve since had one or two packages come by UPS and can attest that this works and is a really neat service for anyone that shops online via Amazon, eBay an any online store. Free members can choose to:

Have item Delivered to a UPS Retail Location, Reschedule a Delivery, Ask UPS to Deliver to Another Address, Receive Delivery Alerts, Receive Approximate Delivery Time, Authorize Shipment Release Or Request a Hold for Will Call.

Premium members will receive all the benefits of free membership plus:
Use Delivery Planner, give “Leave at” Instructions (Driver Instructions), opt to Leave a package with a Neighbor and will receive Confirmed Delivery Window (2-hour).

PS: I also use Swagbucks to earn free Amazon gift cards. It really does work and just takes minutes a day. You should check it out!