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Delicious and Easy Chuck Roast

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Today I made one of the tastiest roasts I have ever made. I sprayed my crockpot with cooking spray. Took a 3lb Chuck Roast and sprinkled one side with garlic salt and black pepper then rubbed it with a crushed beef bouillon cube. I flipped it over and did the same on the other side. Then a dashed on about a TBSP of Worcestershire Sauce and poured a cup of water over it. I cooked it on high for about an hour and a half then I threw in some washed new potatoes (and would have put in baby carrots if I’d have had some on hand). Turned it down to low and came back to it about five hours later. I removed the meat and potatoes and whisked in 2 TBSP of Gravy Master mixed with about 1/4 Cup of water. So easy and the flavor was amazing! Plus, my roast was better than fork tender! I couldn’t even slice it (the picture above was borrowed, the whole roast was devoured before I had a chance to snap a photo!!)


Author: Erica Buteau

Erica Buteau is head chef at Chateau Buteau where she cooks for a family of seven, also known there as Mom, Nonna, Babe and sometimes referee. She lost 180 pounds by following a low carb diet and incorporating DDP Yoga into her lifestyle. Additionally, Erica is an Associate Professor of Technology at a Community College and also does freelance writing, blogging and is heavily involved in Social Media and Online Marketing, PR and Marketing Measurement and Communications Research. Her PR Friendly blog, ButeauFull Chaos! focuses on product reviews, parenting, living healthy, weight loss, being a mom, empowering women, grandparenting, children and teen's issues (including Autism, ADHD, Childhood Bipolar Disorder, Learning Disabilities and teen pregnancy and parenting), family travel and recipes.

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