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Upcoming Fundamentals of Couponing Workshops in Berlin, NH

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If you are in the Berlin, NH area, watch for upcoming news about Couponing Workshops being offered at White Mountains Community College in January! Taught by yours truly! I also offer these workshops in your home in and around Berlin, NH! If you host and have five paying guests your workshop is free. Prices are negotiable. In-home workshops will have prizes and giveaways as well as special gifts for all paying guests. Put out a platter, fill your living room and laugh and learn all night long! ; Tentative Schedule is: Fridays 6-8pm January 11th, 18th and 25th Couponing 101: Resolve to save money in the New Year! Learn the Fundamentals of Couponing including where to find coupons, how to use coupons, and tons of coupon strategies to help you save time and big money! Have you ever watched those Extreme Couponing shows and wondered, “How do they DO that?” Join us and you’ll be doing it too! Enjoy a fun evening of learning, sharing and laughing! Great Ladies Night out Event! Couponing 102: Learn the Fundamentals of Store Incentives including how to take advantage of store incentives along with using coupons. We teach you how to shop at your local grocery store, WalMart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid! This workshop builds on what you’ve learned in Couponing 101. Enjoy a fun evening of learning, sharing and laughing! Great Ladies Night out Event! Couponing 103: Learn the Fundamentals of Planning including why a stockpile will save you hundreds of dollars and how to properly start and maintain one using coupons and store incentives. You’ll learn how to stock up on enough items at rock bottom prices to last your family until the next rock bottom sale. This workshop is a continuation of Couponing 101 and 102. Enjoy a fun evening of learning, sharing and laughing! Great Ladies Night out Event! Please contact me for more information!


Author: Erica Buteau

Erica Buteau is head chef at Chateau Buteau where she cooks for a family of seven, also known there as Mom, Nonna, Babe and sometimes referee. She lost 180 pounds by following a low carb diet and incorporating DDP Yoga into her lifestyle. Additionally, Erica is an Associate Professor of Technology at a Community College and also does freelance writing, blogging and is heavily involved in Social Media and Online Marketing, PR and Marketing Measurement and Communications Research. Her PR Friendly blog, ButeauFull Chaos! focuses on product reviews, parenting, living healthy, weight loss, being a mom, empowering women, grandparenting, children and teen's issues (including Autism, ADHD, Childhood Bipolar Disorder, Learning Disabilities and teen pregnancy and parenting), family travel and recipes.

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