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Family Seeks Answers, Heeds Warning to NH Homeowners

The following is a press release that I wrote today after trying very hard to give this guy the benefit if the doubt!

Family Seeks Answers, Heeds Warning to NH Homeowners

Green Home Energy Systems Promises Everything, Delivers Nothing

Berlin, NH — April 23, 2012 — Nearly a year ago, on May 10, 2012, Richard and Erica Buteau and their three children lost their rented home, and everything in it, to a house fire. A week later, Erica lost her full-time job, five months later, Richard lost his. Their family and friends surrounded them with love, support and material things and the community came together to help them with furniture, clothing and other household items. A small Renters’ Insurance policy provided them with the funds they needed to purchase a foreclosed home.
“It was such a devastating blow to our family,” said Erica Buteau. “Then, when we bought our house, although it needed substantial work, we felt bittersweet as we embraced our new beginning.”
A New Beginning
Erica retained her part-time employment as an Adjunct Faculty member at the White Mountains Community College while Richard began seeking new employment. They got by but, the new house was laden with issues from a frozen plumbing system that needed to be revamped through and eight foot crack in a main sewer drain pipe to the many cosmetic issues throughout the house as well as extremely old and inefficient windows. Richard turned to his retirement savings to help make ends meet and to further invest in his family’s future, starting with their home.
“I knew that this was an investment in our home, for my family and in our future,” said Richard Buteau. “Cashing out my retirement seemed like our only option at the time.”

Replacement Windows Had Become a Priority
​As winter settled in, it became more and more apparent to the Buteau’s that replacement windows were a smart solution. They knew that aesthetically speaking, the windows would speak volumes for the 120 year old home. They also knew that the financial impact and energy savings would be an investment for which the return was almost immeasurable for years to come. After receiving price estimates from five separate companies, the Buteaus settled on a NH based company whose prices were reasonable and whom boasted being green-friendly. That company was Green Home Energy Systems of Bow, NH.
Too Good to Be True
​On January 10th the Buteau’s entered into a contract with Time Currier, President of Green Home Energy Solutions out of Bow, NH. Timothy Currier was a friendly guy, an avid Bruin’s fan and extremely easy to work with. The Buteau’s prepaid the entire cost of the $9,000 contract in full for the purchase and installation of 21 windows and an entry door with installation promised in “5-6 weeks.” That date some came to pass. Tim Currier returned their inquiries with blame placed on the manufacturer’s delays. On March 13, 2012, Mr. Currier stated that he received the windows but there were only six in the shipment out of the 21 and that the manufacturer cut the windows incorrectly.
By March 16, 2012 the Buteau’s still had not heard from Tim Currier. Voice messages went unanswered. On Monday, April 2, 2012, Mr. Currier informed them that the windows were in and scheduled installation for the following week, Thursday, April 12, 2012. On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Tim Currier called at 9:30 pm and said that he was a week behind schedule due to bad weather and needed to reschedule to the following Thursday, April 19, 2012.
Richard called Tim Currier on the morning of the 19th at approximately 8:30 am to ask what time his crew would be here. He said that they were on their way and that if they weren’t at the Buteau residence by 9am to phone him back. When they didn’t arrive, Mr. Currier stated that he would look into it. He called back at around 2pm and said that he had fired his crew for not showing up for work for the second time in two months. He offered to refund $1,000 for their wait if they were patient while he found a replacement crew and said that he would bring them a contract stating such as well as the paperwork for them to fill out for a full refund of the $9000 should they decide to go that route.
No-Shows Became the Expectation
Tim Currier made an appointment to meet them at their home on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 5:15pm before an appointment with another potential Berlin, NH customer. At this point, the Buteaus asked him to deliver their windows and door and to refund them the cost of the installation so that they could have someone else do the installation since; according to Mr. Currier, he didn’t currently have a crew. He said that this wasn’t possible but that he would furnish proof that the materials were bought and paid for via paid invoices and receipts. He did not show up and did not return a 6:30pm phone call that evening. Richard called again the following morning and he answered right away saying that he got to Berlin too late and that he couldn’t get cell phone reception on his iPhone. He then scheduled another appointment for Monday, April 23, 2012 at 11am. He did not show and is neither answering his phone nor returning their calls.
A Vacant House, Bad Reviews
With growing concerns over the loss of their $9,000, the Buteau’s began to research Green Home Energy Systems. They found that the business address, listed on the contract as 42 River Rd. in Bow, NH was vacant. They spoke with a Sargeant at the Bow Police Department who said that if Mr. Currier is operating a business out of Bow, “He is probably doing so illegally.” Since signing their contract in January, 2012, multiple consumer reviews on Google, Yahoo, BadBusinessBureau and RipOffReport have been posted as well as numerous Better Business Bureau and NH State Attorney General Complaints have been filed. Before signing a contract, Erica Buteau researched the company name and found only positive reviews (rumored to have been posted by Tim Currier himself). Green Home Energy Systems maintains a website, Twitter and Facebook accounts and seems to be a legitimate business.
“The company seemed legit. The NH BBB had given them a B+ rating,” said Erica Buteau. “Consumer reviews appeared positive, I thought I did my homework. Instead, I feel like I flushed our entire savings down the drain.” That rating has since dropped to an F. The Buteau’s are sharing their story in hope of finding a resolution to their problem but, while they are certain that their money is lost, they are especially passionate about preventing anyone else from turning money over to this man.


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Lasagna Cupcakes

Not a long ago my friend Bite Size PR introduced me to the concept of Lasagna Cupcakes. My first thought was YUCK! Until I looked at a few recipes. Hmmm, not sooo bad after all. Here’s my recipe and step by step photos. (cute for a party but a regular lasagna is the route I’ll continue to take for basic meals at home)

2lbs ground beef
1lb sweet Italian sausage (my store only carries this in casings, see pics below. To decade I slice the casing with a sharp knife and peel off.)

Just before done browning add fresh herb. I used a couple tablespoons of basil an minced garlic, a few teaspoons of Italian seasoning and if I would have had it I would have used some diced onions and peppers as well. I also threw in a bag of mini pepperoni.

Cut a package of Won Ton wrappers into circle shapes with a biscuit cutter or a glass rim. You can put the glass on top and trace with a sharp knife.

Spray/grease two 12 hole muffin tins. Place a round Won Ton in the bottom of each hole. Top with about 2tsps of ricotta cheese, 2tsps of shredded mixed Italian cheese, a spoonful of the meat mixture an a spoonful of sauce (I used jarred sauce to save time). Repeat layers. Top with mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with italian seasoning and finely chopped fresh basil. Bake at 350• for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. I served with Ceaser Salad and Cheesy Texas Toast. Big hit with the kids! Enjoy!!











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Anti-Conformist aka Faux Pas

Erica fact #1…I don’t conform. Trends are for trendy people, business suits are for women that make enough money to afford them (I don’t) and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

I don’t mind grtting dirty, i climb mountains topless (in my Jeep of course). I “ain’t no Barbie”…im thick and curvy and tired of trying to fit in (to cute clothes especially!) I don’t promote obesity, I promote self-esteem!! Love the body you have! Try to be healthy but be you!!! A friend of mine recently shared this this photo on Facebook.I love it!!

I love hard and fierce and hurt just like anyone else. I will fight for what I believe in and have no tolerance for people/things that hurt my children directly or indirectly.

Love me or hate me, I AM me and at the end of the day I am the only one who gets to judge. Just sayin!